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      House Washing

      Your home is one of your most valuable assets and our house washing service helps maximize property values. We utilize a soft wash method to protect surfaces from damage caused by pressure washing. Regardless of the surface type or stain presence, we can renew and restore the look of your home with our complete house washing service.

      Gutter Cleaning

      Gutters tend to become stained over time due to a combination of weather and elements from nature. These stains can be removed with our professional gutter brightening process. This type of project presents risks for homeowners when trying to clean it themselves. Eliminate the risk by utilizing our professional gutter cleaning service.

      Concrete Washing

      Our concrete washing service eliminates stains from driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and other surfaces. In addition to the visual, aesthetic improvement, the risk of slip and fall accidents are reduced. Any decorative stone or accent pavers can look brand new again with our professional concrete washing service.

      Why Choose TM Houston Pressure Washing?

      We are passionate about exterior cleaning
      We are customer service first
      We listen to your needs and excel at our work

      Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than knowing every customer is amazed by the stunning visual results we deliver through professional exterior cleaning services. We will work tirelessly to ensure 100% satisfaction for every customer on every project.